Hi there,

You may know me as the founder of Beaming Organic Superfood Cafés. But before I was introducing Southern California to its first superfood café and leading the food as medicine movement, Kroma was brewing in my subconscious.

We all have a daily ritual. Ten years ago, mine was no different than most. I’d wake up and enjoy a coffee latte before the kids got out of bed and emails rolled in. I reveled in the experience of this quiet, simple ritual because it signaled the start of new day. But by the time my cup was finished I started to find myself anxious, irritable and shaky. I also knew it was compromising my adrenals.

I’m not one to give up my morning latte without a fight, so I made it my mission to find a better alternative. This led me to my new gateway superfood of choice, matcha, and I obsessed on it. I learned that all matcha is not created equal. I traveled the world in search of the best tasting, highest quality ceremonial-grade organic matcha I could possibly find.

This, of course, led to other obsessions. Like experimenting with adding other superfoods and adaptogenic herbs to my sacred cup of matcha like maca, turmeric, ashwagandha, collagen and coconut cream to further enhance the magic of matcha. I then started expanding my creations into other latte blends using turmeric, lions mane, reishi and other mushrooms along with beet, cacao, MCT oil and many more. I tinkered. I blended. I fine-tuned. And whether I was at home or away on business, my superfood lattes found their way into my daily ritual.

One day, as I was blending my morning latte in my hotel room, I had an “aha” moment. I realized I had done all the legwork to create delicious drinks that helped me feel amazing and empowered throughout the day and became part of my daily ritual. Functional lattes that were tailored to improve sleep, stress, sex, energy, skin, weight loss, beauty and over all vitality. I started making them for friends and realized everyone else wanted them too.  Much like how Beaming started by sharing my passion for superfoods and food as medicine, this too became the birth of Kroma -- a premium line of instant adaptogen super lattes. I hope they bring as much joy, and color, into your life as they do mine.

Sip life up,
Lisa Odenweller
Founder & CEO