Above all, quality.

Our story starts with our ingredients. From sourcing the finest organic ceremonial grade matcha imported from Japan, to the highest quality and most potent turmeric available, to medicinal mushrooms from a local farm, there are no shortcuts when sourcing what goes into our blends. Each and every supplier exceeds the highest standards for purity and ethics, both locally and around the world. We believe that you (and our lattes) deserve the very best … without compromise. Ever.


Make healthy taste amazing.

We believe healthy and delicious can and should co-exist. Our culinary-inspired lattes were created by our superfood guru and flavor obsessed founder along with one of the top herbalists in the world to perfect each blend for the highest function possible with extraordinary taste to match. And it’s all been done without the use of fillers, dairy, GMOs, processed sugars, preservatives or anything artificial. You can rest assured that every scrumptious sip is absolutely pure, expertly crafted and doing great things for your body, mind and spirit.

Keep it real. Keep it simple.

Life is complicated enough. Whether you run your household or control the boardroom, there is never enough time to get it all done. Our adaptogen lattes were made to simplify things while fitting into your daily rituals. We brought together all our favorite superherbs that will help you thrive while bringing a smile to your day. We did all the planning and prep work for you, so you don’t have to. 

Super empowered.

What you put into your body matters and every day you have a choice. Which is why we believe everything you eat and drink should be working for you, not against you. We have incorporated some of the most powerful superfoods and adaptogens on the planet into our lattes to ensure all our beverages adapt to what your body needs and empower your inner-awesomeness.

Live colorfully.

Our name, Kroma, is derived from the word chroma (krōmə) meaning purity and intensity of color. Healthy choices, vibrant ingredients, expert formulations, powerful results and a supportive community come together to help facilitate our vision: Empower the inner-awesomeness of the planet by fueling each brilliant human we touch with color.